Custom Keywork, Saxophones, Vintage Saxophone

Minty Low A Mark VI Alto

A client brought in a MINT condition low A Mark VI recently. I added an additional piece to the harmonic key, under the supervision of Rheuben Allen, who came up with the design and has been putting the addition on… Continue Reading…

Saxophones, Vintage Saxophone

Buescher Straight Alto Saxophone

No repairwork was done. Rick Izumi was kind enough to show his Buescher straight alto to me. The pads are all original. This horn is in mint shape (aside from the tarnish of course) and has never been worked on.… Continue Reading…

Custom Keywork, Dent Work, Repair, Saxophones

H. Couf Superba Bridge Key Replacement & Dentwork

Part 1: Adding on the Bridge Key H. Couf saxophones were manufactured by Keilworth and imported to the United States by Herbert Couf. This particular horn is a Superba soprano. The arm connecting to the bis key was very thin… Continue Reading…

Welcome to my bench…

This is where I will post photos of my work, updates of ongoing projects, and photos of cool horns that have been through my hands.

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Minty Low A Mark VI Alto