Repair Services

Listed below are some general categories of services. Repairs will generally fall under one of the three. Localized repair and custom work is charged by the hour.

Localized Repair

I will go through your horn and make adjustments as needed. Pads will be replaced if necessary. Any problems you may be having with your horn will be addressed on a localized level.


Clean-Oil-Adjust. Instrument will be completely disassembled and cleaned as needed. Oil will be changed. Pads and corks are replaced as necessary. Pad heights and spring tension is corrected as necessary.

Full Mechanical Overhaul

Your horn will be completely disassembled and cleaned. All pads and corks will be replaced. Action of the mechanisms will be restored to better-than-factory specs.

What Goes On In An Overhaul?

A full mechanical overhaul begins with a full assessment of the horn in question.

I carefully inspect the instrument for damage; I’m looking for dents, bent keys, popped posts, missing parts, etc.

I also check the action of the keys and make note of where the play is in the keywork.


I then completely disassemble the horn and clean as necessary. The body of the horn is washed with soap and water if needed. I never clean horns with acid unless the corrosion and build up is very bad and I get permission first from the owner. Polishing for plated instruments is done by request.

Pads and corks are torn out. Resonators are saved if the client so desires. Care needs to be taken to remember the sizes of cork used, so that the horn will go back together easily.

Then I do any necessary bodywork. Chips are filled (if it is a clarinet). Dents are taken out, posts are resoldered. Any bent keys are straightened, pad cups are flattened. If a post is dented into the body, I put the key back on before pushing the post up, to ensure that the posts will stay in alignment. Any missing parts are resoldered to the body. Parts are always sourced from a horn of the same make and vintage if possible. Lastly I level the tone holes with extra-fine sandpaper. This step comes last to ensure that any dent work doesn’t change the evenness of the tone holes.


I then put the keys on one at a time in order to fit them and take out the lost motion. Tightly fitting keys ensures the pads will seal well, and will help to remove the “sponge” sometimes felt in loosely fit keys. At this time I also clean all of the old oil and grime off the rods and insides of the keys. I replace the oil with a special shop mix.

Keys are once again removed, and I glue new corks and felts to the keys. Pads are also glued in at this time.

Once this is done, the horn can be reassembled and the pads seated. I leave the spring unhooked and get the pad level enough to where no light will show when the key is being held down by it’s own weight. This ensures the the pad will seal all of the time, not just under hard finger pressure.

Adjustment material is added and sanded as needed to ensure the keys work in tandem.

I playtest the horn and let it sit for a day if possible, allowing the glue and corks to settle in.

I then check and adjust the horn one final time before the instrument is to be played by the client.


Price List:

Complete Mechanical Overhaul: *tan pads w/ Selmer style plastic reso

  • Soprano/Alto – $895

  • Tenor – $995

  • Baritone – $1,295

*special requests are charged as follows:

  • Polishing (Silver plate, gold plate, bare brass) – $150

  • Roo Pads (white, black, or tan) – $100

  • Resonator of choice (Metal Domed, Seamless Domed, Hollywood, Flat Metal, etc.) – $50

For Clarinets:

  • Soprano – $595

  • Alto – $795

  • Low Eb Bass – $895

  • Low C Bass – $1,095

  • Contrabass – Contact for quote

Contact for polishing/buffing options.


Adjustments & General Repairwork:

  • $75 an hour + parts

Neck Fitting:

  • generally $65 (extreme size discrepancies may require additional work)


  • $25 per sax neck

  • $20 per clarinet tenon, $50 for whole clarinet (3 tenons)

  • $20 per clarinet or bass clarinet mouthpiece

Cork Key Risers:

  • $30 ea.

  • $60 for all three palm keys, or all three side keys.