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Alto Clarinet Bell Dent Work

This particular bell is the bell of a Malerne alto clarinet.

It was dropped and clearly landed on the side of the key guard for the low Eb. The hit pushed in the tone hole and popped the entire guard off.

First I use dent balls to re-round the tone hole. By forcing dent balls of increasing size through the hole, it can be brought back to round. Care must be taken to not try to force a ball too large through the tone hole, causing it to be warped at the top.

Next, I remove the old solder from the tone hole and key guard feet. Using round nose pliers, I bend the foot of the key guard back in shape.

The last part is easy, soldering the keyguard back on.

As the finishing touch I leveled the hole and gave the entire bell a bath in lime and scale remover (the insides were fairly gunked up).

After a quick hand polish, here are the results:

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