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H. Couf Superba Bridge Key Replacement & Dentwork

Part 1: Adding on the Bridge Key

H. Couf saxophones were manufactured by Keilworth and imported to the United States by Herbert Couf.

This particular horn is a Superba soprano. The arm connecting to the bis key was very thin and snapped off at some point in this horn’s earlier life. After some discussion with the client, we decided to replace the bridge as opposed to trying to extend the broken bis arm.

Here is a photo of the original bridge:

You may also notice that the G# touch piece had broken off. I resoldered the key and added a small brace underneath to ensure it would not snap again, however I forgot to take pictures.

I added on a modern bridge with adjustment screws, and moved it slightly farther forward so that the broken bis arm would catch on the bridge.

Part 2: Dentwork on the Bell

Ouch! The bell has been pretty severely crushed inward. The bell rim is actually up slightly higher than the lowest part of the crushed bell.

I first got the bell roughly back in shape with a wooden mallet. Tapping the bell rim down until the bell resembled a cone again. Then, I leveled out the bottom of the bell, by tapping and checking for high spots with a flat table.

The dents were removed with a combination of oblong dent balls and burnishing. Here is the final result:

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