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Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet

A new addition to my collection!

I’ve been on the lookout for a Centered Tone for a while now, and recently one came up on eBay for a great price.

It’s a P-series, advanced boehm clarinet, made sometime in the 1950’s.

It had been cracked and pinned at some point in time, though the crack opened up again and whoever did the pinning didn’t try very hard to conceal the pins. The holes for the pins were filled with shellac, not even remotely resembling the original wood.

In the last photo, I had already scraped out the shellac fill.


Here are the photos:

I’ll be filling in the crack and holes left from the pinning with super glue and grenadilla chips in order to conceal the previous damage. Crack does not extend into the bore so I don’t feel it is necessary to take any further action to stabilize the wood.

Still thinking about what pads to put in it, but I am excited to have a few extra fingerings at my disposal.

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